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I tried to run, but it just wasn’t happening.  I couldn’t lift my feet from the ground. Or, if I did manage to move my legs, it was like walking fast through deep water. You just can’t do it.

I didn’t know what was chasing me.  I just knew I didn’t want it to catch me.  I would run and run, moving in slow motion, trying to get away from whatever was behind me.

And then, suddenly, I realized I could fly!  I would just lift my face and look at the sky, and if I waved my arms fast enough, I would rise off the sidewalk and soar above the tall buildings of the city, free at last from the  danger behind me.

And that’s about all I remember of that recurring nightmare.  I was very small. We had no television, no scary programs to put such ideas into my head.  I don’t remember if we had a radio.

Maybe there were other kids in the trailer park who talked about their dreams.  I really don’t think many people we knew had a TV yet.  It was 1950, and a TV in every living room was a couple of years down the road.


Also, we didn’t live in the city yet.  That would come a couple of years later, so I don’t know where my ideas of tall buildings came from, either.

The only thing I know for sure is that those dreams were awful.  I was terrified, and I remember sometimes waking up in a sweat because of the fear.

I rarely dream these days.  I sleep deeply, for which I am thankful.  But sometimes, at the edge of waking up, I have a dream that someone or something is crawling into my bed and I am helpless to stop it.  I dream that I am screaming, that my calls for help come out sounding as if I’ve had a stroke that affected my speech.  And then I wake up, or Terry shakes my shoulder.

He’s confused that I would have such frightening dreams. He never does.  I’m a bit confused about it myself. No idea where that one comes from, either.  Sometimes I can stop it without actually waking up. Other times, I wake myself up up with my yelling. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does I have a hard time going back to sleep.

Dreams. Half awake, half asleep, when I’m in the land of dreams all reality fades.

The human mind is a fascinating place.

4 thoughts on “Nightmares

  1. It felt kind of wrong to press the like-button on this post, because i certainy do not LIKE that you have nightmares!

    I am glad to hear that you only sometimes have nightmares, because if it was often – they might be a reaction to a trauma.

    The occational nightmare do happen in adults, but they are more common in children. Some adults have nightmares after eating or snacking too late in the evening, as it increases metabolism and signal the brain to be more active. Also quite a few medications are known to cause a higher frequency of nightmares. Antidepressants can give nightmares, and that totally baffles me (but they do act on the chemicals in the brain, so I guess its logical afterall). Also blood pressure medications can cause nightmares.

    On the rare occation that I have a nightmare, I can link it up with having watched a psychological thriller the evening before. Never friggin fails, and I never learn!

    Although not having nightmares very often, I do dream alot. For the most part we dream during the REM sleep, and we have more REM sleep on the morningside after we have rested well and slept soundly for most of the night. When my alarm goes off in the morning there is a good chance that I will be in REM sleep, and thus in the middle of a dream. And I do dream the weirdest, most random things, and I wake up thinking What in the world was that all about! LOL

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