Remembering Mr. Magoo


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Poor old guy couldn’t see past the end of his bulbous nose.  We laughed at his antics,  but no one wanted to BE him.

Vision is such a marvelous gift!  I think of all the senses, it’s the one I would most hate to lose.

I have one nearsighted eye and one farsighted eye.  The optometrist who discovered it told me I was one in a million 🙂  It is easily corrected with glasses.  For a time I wore one contact lens, but as age set in glasses were a better answer. Before glasses, though, I often suffered terrible headaches without having a clue what the problem was.  What a relief to get that first pair of glasses!

Now I wear those trifocal graduated lenses, and they work quite well. You adjust to them and find that you rarely have to tilt your head to look over the tops of your glasses. Without them, I do a lot of squinting–which of course adds to my growing collection of wrinkles and creases.  Character lines, of course–not age lines 🙂

Yesterday I was enjoying my front yard. We have a pink dogwood and a white one, along with a variety of flowers Terry has planted. I have a gorgeous azalea, and some soft green ferns.  We’re in the process of replanting, because the bushes that were in place 22 years ago when we bought the house were all dying off. So things are a little bare. But there is a beautiful old oak tree with red leaves, and from a certain vantage point, it makes a wonderful trio with the two dogwoods on either side, against the robin’s egg blue of the spring sky.

Thank You, Lord, for the gift of sight.

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