I’m Tired of Buzzwords


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Diversity has become a big buzzword.  It has become a battle cry of political correctness, another buzzword. I was tempted just to leave it alone, but I must be in a combative frame of mind, because I think I’m going to speak my mind this morning.

First, let me say that I hate no one single individual. This isn’t about religion, or homophobia, or islamophobia, or any other phobia.

It’s about this incredible inability we human being seem to have.  What is that inability?

We are unable to leave people alone to live their lives according to their own principles, whether those principles are of faith, politics, or culture.

If we believe something, then everyone has to accept/believe it, too.  If they don’t, they are bigots. Haters.  Phobics.

It starts young. As a teacher, I watched little kindergarten princesses turn their snotty little backs on the poor little girl whose parent couldn’t put out the money for the designer clothes and shoes and hair gunk. Amazing.  Five-year-olds who refuse to accept diversity unless they are the ones who introduce it.  Then, anyone who refuses to accept/approve of their current fashion passion is a nerd, a geek, a loser.

We’ve become inured to name-calling in this lamentable political primary season.

It continues all through elementary school, junior high and high school, college, and into the work place.  March in line to the drumbeat of whoever sets the standard, or you’re out. OUT. No one talks to you.  No one recognizes your own unique diversity if it conflicts with their own. You must conform, or you are just a trouble maker.

Everyone else eats hummus, but you happen to like sour cream and onion dip. WHAT?? Don’t you know how cool hummus is, that it’s the healthier dip, that all the people in the know turned their backs on the pedestrian sour cream and onion dip, like, FOREVER ago?

Geek. Loser.

I know that we need a system of laws.  No one can be allowed to step on anyone else’s life, or pursuit of happiness without serious consequences taking place.  I’m not advocating that we live without law.

What I wish is that law would concern itself with national safety, economy, and infrastructure like roads and bridges, and leave personal choices alone.  The more we are governed about matters of faith, morality, and so on, the less freedom we have to be who we really are.  The more we make protective laws for tiny minorities who want all of society to approve of their choices, the less freedom we have to protect our children from things they don’t need to know about.

When we have to be silent about a closely -held conviction for fear of losing a job, we have lost our First Amendment freedoms and there wasn’t even a battle over it.

Words like diversity  and tolerance  have come to mean that you are a good guy only if you believe that everything is okay, no matter  what your faith, culture, or personal sense of right and wrong may tell you.

And what I will tell you now is that I will publish your comments only if you are courteous and manage not to use vulgar, profane, and hateful language.

It is completely possible to speak your mind and speak it clearly without resorting to being vulgar, hateful, and profane.


26 thoughts on “I’m Tired of Buzzwords

  1. Ironic, isn’t it? DIVERSITY, as long as every diverse person thinks alike!

    I heard an item on the radio the other day. A middle school pressured a student to run for student council because he had a Latin-sounding last name, (even though he wasn’t actually Latin.) For the sake of their website. Because all the other kids listed were Asian.

    Just let student councils be made up of whatever mix of students wants to serve/lead. Let each school be who THEY are. That’s diversity, not manipulating students in order to conform to an imposed standard.

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  2. Great post! If everyone would just mind their own business the world would run a lot smoother. The rules we all are supposed to learn in Kindergarten should be our buzzwords throughout life:
    No spitting; No biting; No running with scissors; No being mean….

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      1. stay in line, no talking in the lunch room… the only time I complained to the principal was when the lunchroom lady made my 5-year-old son throw his lunch in the trash because he was clowning around “falling off the seat.”

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      2. I don’t remember much about kindergarten. I know we played a lot. I do remember learning letter sounds and wishing so much that I could just go ahead and learn to read.


      3. my youngest great-grandson just turned three, two weeks ago. . He is becoming a reader as fast as he can, he knows the alphabet and can make meaningful connections with words in a book.

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      4. Now children are supposed to know a lot of things that they used to learn in kindergarten. Even at home organized play is the norm in many families…I read a lot, as much as possible up in a cherry tree…alas! that sort of unsupervised activity isn’t allowed much any more. Too bad.

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  3. Thank you for this post, I needed that today. I am one of those who have always (in other peoples eyes) taken the unusual choises. And with one of my close familymembers on her way to visit for the Karate Kid’s confirmation, I needed this little pick me up you provided for me today, as this person is the most judgemental person I know. (Which I’m fine with as long as she keeps it to herself, but of course she won’t).

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  4. Hear! Hear!

    On one of our radio stations a few years ago, the (cool) town that I live in was described ascontaining a diverse mix of middle-class white people. Brighton prides itself on accepting all and any, but it is indeed full of people who try to be different in the same way.

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    1. Wow. Thanks! I agree, we need to speak. I believe we’ve been so intimidated by being labeled as haters that we’re afraid to open our mouths. The reality is that the politically correct crowd really, really hates people like ME. And I’m so harmless 🙂

      I heard Hilary the other day saying that all the cultural, traditional, religious prejudices need to be CHANGED!

      I find that very scary. She wants to change me into herself. No, thanks.

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      1. Ain’t gonna happen to this old Southern gal! We don’t have the best choices this election cycle, but I think Trump (finally someone has) helped to take the muzzles off of Americans who have been cowed into silence. Our society is changing into something unrecognizable to me and others of my generation. It is scary but I think it’s time for us to stop being afraid and speak up. Otherwise, we will end up much like the Jews – silenced forever.

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