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Hoping for the best. Ciara  squared her shoulders, tugged her suit jacket into perfect alignment, shook off her shyness, and prepared for the most important interview she’d ever have.

Well, it was her first interview, actually, so there was nothing to compare it with yet.

“Mr. Johnstone will see you now, Miss Favery.  Just go down the hall to the last door and knock.” She paused, eyeing Hope’s expression, seeing her obvious nerves. “You’ll be fine, Honey.  Just be yourself.”

The secretary couldn’t have said anything more perfect. It gave Ciara the courage she needed to walk down that long, thickly carpeted hall.  She raised her hand to knock on the door, giving it what she hoped was the perfect balance between bold and respectful.

“Yes, come in.”  It was a strong voice. Confident. Something Ciara envied.  Confidence.

She was not the prom queen, not the head cheerleader, not the star of the class play, not the Valentine Sweetheart.  Ordinary. Not ugly, not gorgeous. Just—average. Confidence was not  something people used when describing her.  Diligent, quiet, intellectual. But not confident.

Turning the knob, she stepped into a richly decorated office. A masculine office, comfortable and warm.  Earth tones, some rather outstanding art, a breathtaking view of the city.  But what really caught your attention was the desk, and the man behind it.

Rising, he held out his hand. “Miss Favery. I’m pleased to finally meet  you. Won’t you sit down?  May I offer you something to drink?  My secretary will be happy to get you whatever you’d like.”

“Um–no, no thanks, I’m fine.”  Ciara chose the leather chair across from Mr. Johnstone’s desk, enjoying the buttery feel and the way it conformed to her body. Boy. A person could get used to this.

“Well then, let’s get right to it.  I see from your resume that you’ve just finished your master’s degree. Tell me, are you thinking of a PhD?”

She hadn’t expected the question, and was startled for just a heartbeat. Gathering her wits, she said, “No, not now, at least.  Maybe someday, depending on where my work takes me. Anthropology is a wide field, and I’d like to work for a while before I consider more education.”

“I see here that your interest in anthropology  is centered on the linguistic.”

Ciara waited a beat, then realized he was waiting for a response. “Yes. Language has always intrigued me, and the way it has developed and informed cultures down through the centuries is fascinating.”

Mr. Johstone  was quiet. He gazed at her thoughtfully, tapping  his forefinger rhythmically on his blotter. Finally he spoke. “How many languages have you studied?”

“Well, my dad was in the army, and we moved around a lot.  I speak German, French, Italian, and Spanish.  I can read Russian, and I’m presently studying  Latin and Greek.  I’d like to learn Hebrew as well–”

“That’s pretty impressive, Miss Favery. You should be quite comfortable working as a translator then, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, I believe I would. I’m very excited at the prospect of travel and of learning other cultures firsthand.”

“How long will it take you to pack a suitcase?  I’d like to leave  on Monday, less than three days from now. We’ll be headed to Greece, so you’ll need a wardrobe for warm weather. Also something for a formal evening now and then. My secretary will give you a list of what you’ll need.”

Ciara sat in stunned silence.  Finding her voice, she said, “You mean I’m hired?  Just like that?”

“I make quick decisions Miss Favery.  I think you’ll be perfect for the job.  Don’t let me down.”



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  1. He was very quick to make such an important decision, but maybe he already had gone ovef her resume . It could be that he needed someone right away to fill the position , especially sience he was leaving town in a matter of days. Fortunately for her, she has a chance to prove herself.

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  2. I’ve recently had an interview like that, where the employer had decided to hire me on the basis of my resumee. Gotta love that! I would, however, absolutely love a job that meant more travels 🙂

    Good job on this story!

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