I’m Glad I’m not a Martian :)


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Especially in the spring and fall, I love God’s wonderful creation so much!  I wake up each day and enjoy the incredible beauty of our corner of Pennsylvania.  Right now, flowering trees have center stage. There are still some daffodils, which will soon give way to tulips, and then azaleas and dogwoods before the lushness of summer sets in.

We have all this beauty because of our enviable position among the planets. Our distance from the sun is just right, and provides us with water, clouds, rain and snow, comfortable temperatures most of the time.  In other words, everything that is needed for life and beauty.

Mars has always fascinated us earthlings, providing rich material for fantasy and science fiction, never mind space exploration. However, what we know of Mars makes me very glad to live right here on our beautiful blue planet.  Think of a place where water is, as far as we know, scarcer than hen’s teeth. Where the heat and cold are not fit for human consumption.  No, thanks.  I’ll stay here,  very happily.




2 thoughts on “I’m Glad I’m not a Martian :)

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