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Many years ago, I was watching an Alfred Hitchcock  program in which a woman opens a closet door and a dead body falls out on top of her.  Never have forgotten that image.

Way before I saw that program, though, I remember believing quite sincerely that there were monsters in the closet.  And under the bed. And in the hallway to the bathroom from the bedroom.  These monsters magically disappeared in daylight, but they always, always came back in the dark.

Closets weren’t always scary places, though.  Sometimes I hid in a closet just because I wanted to be alone.   Sometimes I’d tear my bedroom closet apart because it needed to be cleaned, and I’d find treasures I’d forgotten.  Sometimes, if unexpected company showed up, lots of things got stuffed into closets. That didn’t happen often, because I really am pretty neat, but still–nice to know closets are there when you need them.

My parents’ bedroom closet was off limits from Thanksgiving to Christmas. One year, I did the unforgivable.  I looked.

It ruined Christmas day for me, although I acted surprised.  I never did it again.  Not worth it.  Not worth the guilt, or the chance of being discovered.

Sometimes I wish I had a closet that would be just big enough for my computer, a small desk, and a chair.  A closet I could lock. I’d get more writing done.

Terry just created a broom closet for me out of cabinets leftover from our kitchen makeover. He’s really a genius!  The closet is the perfect size for my brooms, mops, dustpan, and various other cleaning equipment.  So tidy and handy.  I really love it.

The word closet has so many applications, doesn’t it?  I thought about writing something scary, but I’m just not in the mood, so you got miscellany instead 🙂



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