Oh Goodie!


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I love words.

This is one of those English words that has multiple meanings.  It is also a good example of onomotopoeia–that’s a fancy term for when the word sounds like what it means.

Remember Snap!Crackle! Pop! Rice Krsipies?

We snap our fingers, we snap the lights off or on. We snap and unsnap clothing. We say “Snap it up!” when we want someone to hurry. We say an outfit looks snappy.  We say “it’s a snap!” when we mean it’s easy.  When we’re angry, we may snap someone’s head off. Well, not really 🙂  Food that is tangy has a snappy taste.  Even Google uses the word when something goes wrong–“Oh, snap!  That site seems to be broken.” If it’s cold outside, we say the air has a snap to it. If your bone snaps, it’s probably broken.  You don’t want a bird to come along, like in the old nursery rhyme, and snap off your nose.

I could go on for a while, but I won’t. Enough is enough 🙂


5 thoughts on “Oh Goodie!

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