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It came in a set:  Large, medium, and overnight case. It was a high school graduation gift, and for some reason it excited Penny more than just about anything she’d ever received. There were lots of other gifts, and there was money.  All would help so much in the fall when she started college.

As she stacked the suitcases in her room that night, though, she felt a flutter in her belly. She climbed into bed, one arm dangling over the side and her hand resting on the overnight case.  She began to imagine where those suitcases would take her. . . . .

They took her to college, and they weathered lots of trips back and forth to her parents’ home as well as to friends’ houses, and on choir trips with the school’s traveling  chorus. After college, they took her on her honeymoon in northern Michigan, and then they took her to their first apartment.

Then to another and another, until they bought their first house out in the country.

The overnight case took her to the hospital to have their first baby, then the second, third, and fourth.  All three suitcases were used when they trekked across the country to live on the east coast, and they were full of clothes many times on journeys to visit grandparents back West, and down South.

After twenty years of hard use, they were showing their age. Still useful, but now they were used more for storage than for travel.

One year, her husband bought her a beautiful leather set to replace the battered old blue one, and she loved the new ones.  But it was hard for her to let go of the old blue suitcases that had taken her across the ocean to England, to Germany, and to many places in the United States.

There was a lot of history in the old blue suitcases. A lot of love, a lot of weary miles, new babies, growing-up kids who learned to pack their own things; and they even went off to college with their oldest son.

They’re gone now.  Broken clasps, ripped linings, damage that couldn’t be repaired. But to this day, when she thinks of suitcases, the old blue graduation gift comes to mind first.

13 thoughts on “Memories

  1. We married 48 years ago yesterday. My new husband sported that same blue suitcase. My suitcase was yellow on that wedding night .

    The yellow set was bought 7 years earlier by my parents for my high school graduation. Their first trip was to the Urbana Missonary Convention – a long train journey from Edmonton Alberta.

    Luggage equipping the couple for their journey through life. Blue – sturdy, faithful, determined to endure the hard knocks that life would bring. Yellow- standing out- bringing light to life. Adventurous in a world of black or brown.

    I see our luggage as a metaphor for how we have lived our lives. Together reflecting the glory of God.

    Thanks again for your post . It got me thinking.


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