To Sleep. . . .


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When you’re little, bedtime comes too soon. You still have energy.  Especially in the summer, when the days are longer, it’s awful to have to go to bed before the sun does.

When you’re in school, bedtime still comes too soon.  There’s one more program to watch, one more book to read, one more conversation to finish.

It’s also during those later elementary and high school years that you learn the delight of sleeping late into the morning if you want to.

In college, there’s never enough bedtime.  One more reading assignment, one more paper, one more piece of laundry you need to take care of.  And back in the day, you had to put your hair up in curlers.

Then you get married and start a family.  Bedtime?  What’s that?

Before you can blink, the kids are reproducing and you have the wonderful joy of warm, cuddly little bodies that you don’t have to rear.  And you can pretty much go to bed whenever–or if–you want to.

The trouble is, now that you can sleep a little sooner, or maybe a little longer, you don’t really need to. Still, you look forward to that comfortable, inviting bed.

So bedtime becomes  a sheer luxury.  You can enjoy stretching out, putting a pillow under that aching back, reading yourself into Slumberland.  If you’re still working, you may have to get up with the alarm.  For me, that’s three days a week.  And Sunday is an early alarm day, too.  But it’s not hard any more.  You’re likely to already be awake.

Still, you value bedtime more than you ever have, because now you understand the privilege of rest and restoration. Naps, which you hated as a child, become something to treasure. Like a cat, you enjoy curling up in a warm sunbeam and catching 40 winks.

Funny how bedtime changes as life changes.


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