Enough Green!


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Green with envy.  The green-eyed monster. Green as grass. Green=inexperienced. Green around the gills . Pea-green. Nausea Smiley

Politically, to be Green is to want to protect the environment.  Green people recycle, save, restore,  and don’t waste.

Funny.  I remember my parents doing all that and teaching us to do the same, only no one had politicized it yet.  It was just being sensible with what one had.

If a banana is green, you shouldn’t eat it.  Same for some green apples, although one of my favorite apples is the Granny Smith. 

Green grow the lilacs?  An old folk song from the Civil War era back in the 1860’s.

“Green green, it’s green they say” is another old song, but not quite as old as  Green Grow the Lilacs.

And of course there’s “The Green, Green Grass of Home.”

Of course, there’s all the green surrounding Ireland, songs, stories  and legends.  I could go on for a long time in this vein, but I think I’ve gone far enough 🙂


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