Black Cats and Broken Mirrors


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Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin superstitio(n-), from super- ‘over’ + stare‘to stand’ (perhaps from the notion of “standing over” something in awe).
Words mean things.  I was curious about the origin of this one.  I knew  super meant over, above.  I didn’t know that stitio meant to stand. Putting it all together, it connotes standing in awe of, or fear of something, believing that certain things will happen in certain situations.
Black cats.  Ladders. Throwing a pinch of salt over one’s shoulder.  Broken mirrors. Premonitions of disaster.
Here’s a short list of common superstitions.  Perhaps you believe in some, one, or all of them.
I’m a little pendantic this morning.  Hope you’re not bored 🙂

2 thoughts on “Black Cats and Broken Mirrors

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