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So many contrasts in life.  So many differences. Even in the same family, sharing the same gene pool and the same history, children can be what seems like complete opposites.

I have a sister who loves sports, especially football and baseball.  I find football tedious, and baseball sheer torture. How does that happen?

I love reading, and so does she.  We both enjoy needlework. We’re both teachers, and our first love is the same–English, history.

She has remained single.  I’ve been married for nearly 47 years. She has hundreds of “kids” because of her many years of teaching.  I have four of my own, and nine grandchildren.  There have been hundreds of kids in my life, but not in the same way she has because my first priority has been my own family.  She believes God’s plan was for her to be single so that she could focus on teaching, and her life has been filled and overflowing with the children of that experience.

She’d rather wear jeans and tees.  I like to dress up.  She’s an artist, I’m a musician. We both like to write, but I NEED to write. We’re both pretty good at public speaking, enjoying the feedback we get from the audience.

As kids, we were both hot-tempered. We fought. Sometimes it was pretty bad. Neither of us gives in willingly. It’s in the gene pool. Where we love, we love greatly. We are opinionated, and we don’t mind telling you what we think.  I’d like to believe I’ve gotten better with that particular tendency over the years.  Age often teaches us to just shut up.

We don’t spend much time together.  We live nearly a continent apart.  There’s another contrast.  She loves the desert, enjoys her 360 days each year of blue sky and sunshine–and horrible heat.  I love seasons, weather, storms, clouds, and change.

I’ve never really thought about all this  in a contrast/comparison format before. Two women from the same set of parents, sharing life until she went off to college, and enjoying many of the same things while at the same time being completely different in lots of ways that matter.

That’s life. Never dull, full of differences and similarities.


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