Secret Code?


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I’ve long been fascinated with the science of  graphology, handwriting analysis.  Supposedly, your handwriting reveals things about you that a trained expert can see, and maybe it gives away more than you’d like it to.  It can uncover a hot temper, a buried anger or hatred; it can reveal that you are a romantic person, or creative, or very logical and math-oriented. It is purported to be able to reveal a criminal mind.  My thoughts about that are simple:  We all have criminal minds to some degree or other.  What we’re talking about here is true pathology.

Here’s an interesting video about Adolph Hitler and how his handwriting evolved over time:

And here’s a short course with some illustrations  that doesn’t take the whole science too seriously:

I think what my own handwriting reveals about me these days is that I’m getting old and I have arthritis!

Yesterday I saw a funny meme on Facebook that says someday handwriting will be considered a secret code.  They’re not even teaching it in many schools these days.  Instead, kids are being taught to type just about as soon as they can read a little bit.

I think that’s a shame.


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