Today’s daily prompt: Colorful. 


And I’m sitting here being uninspired.  Come on.  Usually something just pops into my little brain and I can churn out a post in just a few moments.  I’d look outside for inspiration, but it’s a grey day today.

Grey. I just got the inspiration 🙂

Last summer I was in Slovakia for about a week, on a mission trip with my church to help a small church over there.  I’ve written about it on my Bible Study blog. You will find those posts if you scroll down in the archives to July 2015.

It was a wonderful trip on so many levels.  I learned so much, things I hope never to forget. I stayed with the pastor and his family, and he was a source of endless history about his country and the Communist era. Many of the adults remember what it was like to live under Communism, and they don’t miss it.  Theirs was a bloodless revolution, and it’s a fascinating story.

I asked the pastor, as we were driving from one place to another, if there were still any evidences of the Communist years.

“Look around you,” he said, as we drove through a residential area that had lots of high rise apartment buildings. “What colors do you see?”

“Lots of grey, now that you mention it. Oh, look!  There’s a building with a strip of bright colors going all the way up to the top!”

“Everything was grey under Communism. We were not allowed to paint exteriors anything but what the builders gave us, and it was always grey. Even now, if  you live in one of those apartments, you have to get consent from all the other renters to paint your exterior wall like that.”

I’ve thought about that conversation many times over these months. That one, and several others about what it was like to live under a totalitarian government.It was required, for instance, that all children be in state-mandated pre-schools at the age of three. It was so much a part of life that families who now choose to keep their children home until age 5 or 6 come under criticism.  The wife should be working to help with finances, not just staying home babysitting her children. That’s just one example of how totalitarian thinking affects us for a very long time, and becomes  normal rather than revolutionary.

I’ve read or heard about other situations in which those who managed to escape from East Berlin to the West were amazed at how colorful everything was on the free side of the Wall. They, too, were used to grey.

I think they paint prisons grey.

We need to pay attention.


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