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Sue always had an opinion, and she wasn’t afraid to voice it.  She spoke in a carrying voice so that no one could be in any doubt.  Her soprano voice soared above the garbled voices of everyone else in the crowd.

She wanted to give victims a voice; she was willing to be their voice. She would never speak in passive voice, but always used the active voice.  For example, she would never say, in passive voice, “Mistakes were made.” Too vague. Too general. No acceptance of personal responsibility.  Instead, she would use active voice:  “I have made mistakes.”

In passive voice, the verb has no object.  In active voice, there is a direct object of the verb.

Sue never spoke sotto voce.  She found no reason to whisper.  Instead, she used full voice, and she was always heard.

Someone should probably counsel Sue to soften her voice a little.



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