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Spelling was one of Jade’s favorite subjects.  She was a voracious reader, and once she had seen a word, she could usually remember how it was spelled. She almost always got 100% on the spelling pretest, and didn’t have to take the final test every Friday. Her friends kidded her about being teacher’s pet because she got such good grades, but that didn’t bother Jade at all.  Not everything came easy for her.  She worked hard for her math and science courses, but at least she could spell all the words!

There were some exceptions in her spelling acumen. Friend,  for example.  It just seemed to her that it should be freind, and she had to stop and think about it before she wrote it down It didn’t fall into any of the spelling rules that she had learned.  “I before e, except after c” was pretty easy to remember, but the rest of it confused her. “Or when sounding like a, as in neighbor and  weigh.”

To Jade, friend had neither a long a sound, nor did it have a c.  It seemed to be in a category all it’s own.

And then one day she came across this :  Neither friend seized weird leisure. All the words in that silly sentence are spelled ei except for friend. For some reason, that stuck and cleared it up forever.




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