Happy Puppy


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The chubby, stumbling puppy frolicked through the fall leaves, patted through the little puddles of muck, rolled in the wet grass, and bounced back to make sure his people were still close by.

His silky ears flopped adorably as he wiggled and wriggled at the feet of his little girl, who laughed and bent down to pick him up.  He didn’t want to be carried, though.  He loved being outdoor in the woods, and he wanted to investigate  all that was so new and exciting to him. He squirmed out of  Callie’s arms, jumping back into the leaves before she had time to stand up.

There was a come-hither smell that he simply HAD to follow.  Nose to the ground, he paid no attention to anything but that tantalizing aroma. He pattered off the path, following the scent that zigged and zagged toward a nearby tree. As it grew stronger, his little body quivered with excitement. His tail stood up straight. He began to yip, knowing he was close to the source of the scent.

“Charlie!  Come back here!”  Charlie heard Callie calling to him, but he couldn’t have obeyed if he’d wanted to.  Now giving sharp, high barks of excitement and fear, he looked up the length of the tree.  How he longed to run up that tree, just as the grey fuzzy little animal had done!  He tried, but his paws just weren’t made for climbing.

Suddenly, a brown-grey streak  caught Charlie’s attention and he forgot all about the squirrel. Off he pranced, chasing this exciting new thing. He quickly lost sight of it, though, and landed SPLAT! in a mud puddle.  Oh, wonderful!  Rolling and yapping, he coated himself from stem to stern with sticky, smelly muck.

“Ooooh, no!  Charlie!  You silly little puppy!  You’re all dirty, and you’re going to need another bath!  Mommy won’t even let me take you inside until we get all that dirt off of you!”

Callie clipped the leash back onto Charlie’s collar, sighing as the mud he wore spattered on her arms and legs.

Looked as if she was going to need a bath, too.  Again.  Having a new puppy could be a dirty business.



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