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“Fight or flight,” thought Katie.  “So easy to say, so difficult to decide.”

She was face-down on the sidewalk, her purse and keys lying somewhere beyond her reach. The man had his foot in the small of her back and was having fun tormenting her with what he had planned for her.  He had taken her completely by surprise.  She had never felt more helpless.He’d jumped her from the hedges that lined and separated her  yard from the neighbor’s house, tackling her at the knees and dragging her to the ground.

Now, her mind raced.  Everything she’d ever read about self-defense was pretty useless at the moment, and she’d never learned any of the martial arts. She wasn’t going to leap up and give him a roundhouse kick in the head.

She needed to think, and whatever she thought of had to be right the first time. She had a strong sense that there would be no second chance.

“All right, get up!” snarled the man. “Don’t try anything stupid or you won’t live to tell about it.  I’d as soon kill you as not, believe me.”

Regaining the breath that he’d knocked out of her, she whispered, “I’m getting up but you have to take your foot off my back. Please.”

The man moved aside, and Katie rolled  as she sat up, bracing herself with her hands.  She tucked her feet enough to give her leverage and carefully stood up.  She was weak and dizzy, even felt a bit faint. That, she was sure, wouldn’t help her plight.

“Do you want money?  I don’t know where my purse is, but you can take it. Take it all.”

“Shut up!  I’m in charge!  I’ll TELL you what I want! Just go to your door and go inside.  I’ll be right behind you, so don’t be stupid.”

“My keys flew out of my hand when you tackled me.  I don’t know where they are.”

He looked at her with suspicion, not sure whether to believe her or not. She stared right back at home, hiding her fear and putting on a calm front. “They really did fly out of my hand.  I can’t open the door.”

They both looked around, checking the immediate area.  Katie was silently praying that the were hidden under the bushes. Suddenly, with no woarning at all, the man backhanded her right across the face.  She screamed as she went down, loud enought to wake the dead. And she kept on screaming as loud as she could, scrabbling backward away from him.

He looked around frantically, trying to see if anyone had heard the noise. A light snapped on in the neighbor’s window, and Katie screamed again.  “Help, Josh!  Help me!  Help me!”

At the same time, the neighbor on the other side  came running out with her Rottweilers barking like fiends. The whole neighborhood was waking up from all the commotion, and the man decided he’d had enough. He turned to run, and Katie grabbed at his foot.  She hung on for dear life, pulling him down.  He landed on his face and went as still as death.  Must have cracked himself a good one on his forehead.  She hoped so.

Help had arrived.  Josh had his gun with him, but the man was unconscious. Josh had no trouble using the belt of his robe to tie the man’s hands behind him. As he was doing that, police sirens filled the air.

Katie had never heard a more beautiful concert in her entire life.


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