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Dulcie hated Nina. Nina was the embodiment of everything Dulcie wanted but didn’t have. Parents of high standing in the community, money, gorgeous clothes, looks to die for, scads of boyfriends and popularity among the girls. She was smart, too, and worst of all?  She was nice.  Pleasant and kind to everyone, even to Dulcie.

Well, if Nina had any idea how Dulcie felt, she wouldn’t be so nice.  She’d be terrified.

Dulcie spent way too much time thinking of some way to bring Nina down a peg. She’d started a nasty rumor that never took hold.  She’d flirted with one of the boys Nina seemed to like a lot.  She’d even gone so far as to leave threatening notes tucked into the door of Nina’s locker. From a distance, she’d watched Nina open one of them, read it, then tear it up and drop it in the nearest trash can. She didn’t even seem to be upset.

Finally, Dulcie thought she’d hit on something good, though.  She’d gone to the guidance counselor, acting nervous, even managing to shed a tear or two. She’d told a tale of seeing Nina purchase drugs from a dealer who always hung around the school, claimed she’d seen the exchange of money.  She was just so worried about Nina, and she felt she needed to tell someone who could help.

Bingo!  She got the expected reaction from the counselor, who promised not to reveal Dulcie’s name.

Dulcie waited. She saw the counselor approach Nina, who smiled just as sweet as sugar and nodded.  She was watching when Nina entered the counselor’s office, and she was gleeful when the principal and Nina’s parents followed closely behind.

She waited.  After maybe 20 minutes, they all came back out.  Nina’s face was red, and she’d clearly been crying.  Her parents flanked her protectively, murmuring to her softly. The counselor and principal stood at the office door, talking quietly together.

A search of Nina’s locker was made, and Dulcie realized she should have planted something. Well, too late now.

Several days went by, and things seemed just as usual.  Dulcie was puzzled.  Nina came to school and seemed to be her normal self, without a care in the world. Once, as they passed each other in the hall, Nina looked at Dulcie with a strange expression.  No words were exchanged.

The day after that, Dulcie got her own call to the counselor’s office. The principal was already there. Dulcie’s stomach clenched, and her hands went cold and clammy.

The conversation was short and pointed. They accused her of lying to get Nina in trouble, and the expressions they wore made it clear that they wouldn’t be impressed with more lies. Amazing.  They believed Nina, and accused her. She was envious, they said,  and had used underhanded tactics before to try to hurt Nina. All the teachers were aware of her attitude toward Nina. It needed to stop, or Dulcie’s parents would be brought in. They were sure she didn’t want that to happen.  Did she understand?

Oh yes, she understood.  Nina was gold, and couldn’t tarnish.  Dulcie fumed, and the envy in her heart grew and turned to bitter hatred.  One of these days, Miss Wonderful would get what she had coming to her.  Dulcie would see to it.


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