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Elena sat on the window seat, her nose pressed against the smooth glass, watching little rivers of rain dropdropdrop across the windowpane.  She cuddled her favorite stuffed dog in her arms, petting him absently while she enjoyed the storm.

“Don’t go outside, Elena.  It’s too dangerous.  Too much lightning.  Stay inside until the thunder stops.  When you go out, be sure you wear your rainboots so you don’t ruin your shoes.”  Mommy  was getting ready to go to work,  and as always she had a list of do’s and don’ts for Elena.  Mommy said she hated having to go to work and leave Elena each day, but someone had to make the money now that Daddy was in heaven.  Elena tried very hard to do as Mommy said.

“And Elena, don’t forget—if you need anything, you can go right next door and Mrs. Wright will help you. You can go stay with her if you want.  She always likes to have you spend time with her. “

“I know, Mommy.  Don’t worry.  I’m eight years old!  I can take care of myself!”

Mommy sighed, pulled on her raincoat and grabbed her umbrella, and gave Elena a hug and a kiss.  “I’ll miss you today, Sweetheart.  You be a good girl.”

Elena settled in to watch the storm.  The trees across the street were flinging their branches around in a crazy hula dance while dark green/gray clouds rolled across the sky. When thunder boomed, lightning soon followed, jabbing bright fingers down toward the ground.  Elena loved storms,  loved the thunder, enjoyed the rain. She understood the danger of the lightning, but she still wished she could go out and stand in the wind and rain, splash through the puddles, and try to run between the raindrops.

The storm seemed to speak to something inside her, with its huge voice and the wild breath it blew across the city blocks.  She enjoyed the rain the most though. As she watched, big fat drops splatted against the windows and then followed a zigzag course down the windowpane to the bottom of the glass. Over and over again she watched this process until she actually started to feel sleepy.  In her mind, each drop became a little river winding through valleys and out to the ocean she’d never seen.

She knew that rain fed the grass, trees, flowers, lakes, and rivers.  She knew that people needed the rain, as well. But for her, the best part of the rain was imagining where all those little rivers ran. She populated the window with people, animals, roads and cities.


Wonderful, wonderul rain.


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