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Elaine had always been fascinated by the river that flowed past her cabin.  Her dad had built uphill from the river, because everyone knows you don’t put a house where it could be destroyed by flooding. The river flooded every year in the spring, and Elaine’s dad just shook his head when a new settler would build close enough to the banks of the river that he knew he’d be helping them put up a new place come summer.

Elaine would sit on the grassy slope that tumbled down to the water.  On a warm summer day, she would pick the sweet grass stems and chew on the milky end, dreaming about all the places the river would take her someday.

In the fall, she would lie on her back and watch the big old trees sprinkle their leaves all over the ground below. On a windy day, the leaves would jump and swirl about, nearly covering her in an orange and yellow patchwork blanket.

Winter was wonderful, because the river would freeze over and she could skate. She knew where the soft places lurked, waiting to snatch her down into the frigid black water beneath. She was careful.  There was nothing like flying down the river, imagining she was an angel winging her way to heaven.

And in the spring, the beauty of it all was just heartbreaking. As the earth warmed and renewed the grass, the trees, and the wildflowers, Elaine knew she would want to stay right there forever, watching the river flow past her pretty little cabin as her life flowed to its end.



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