So Different!


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The contrast between the two men was  amazing.  Brothers, growing up in the same house, same parents, same schools.  They were two years apart.  They were worlds apart.

Both were good-looking, manly men.  After that, the likeness disappeared. The older, Bart, was intellectual.  The younger, Brian, was athletic.  Not that he wasn’t intelligent. He was.  But his interests tended toward the physical, while Bart was bored with sports. He hated watching athletic events, would rather participate or go find something else to do. Brian participated and watched.  All. The. Time.

Both attracted  young ladies. Bart was pleasant, humorous, and an easy conversationalist. Brian was  a little to the north of dangerous, and attracted girls who liked living outside the lines and boxes that society tried to impose. Bart was clearly going to follow in their father’s footsteps, already studying medicine and looking to specialize in neurology. Brian?  No specific plans yet, and it drove his parents crazy. He was bright, talented in many things, and drew people to himself easily. However, he tossed those people out when they no longer appealed to him, and never looked back.  Gifted not only in athletics, he was an excellent musician. He toyed with several instruments, but once he understood how the instrument worked and was able to play it passably well, he moved on to something new.  Always the new, the different, the unusual for Brian.



When they were growing up, they either loved to spend time together or they fought like tigers.  There was no middle space between them.  Slowly, Bart began to pull back from Brian’s quicksilver moods and physical energy.  Brian didn’t seem to care, finding lots of new friends very quickly who enjoyed the same wild ride that he did.

Sometimes their parents tried to figure out how their two sons were so different.  And where did Brian’s wild child side come from?  They were both  calm, easy-going, moderate people who were very satisfied with their life together.  If Brian didn’t look so much like his dad, they may have questioned whether or not they brought the right baby home from the hospital!

Of course, there was always their Aunt Bea.  Both boys adored her, but Brian worshipped the ground she walked on. Talk about a wild child!  Kindred spirits, for sure.

Contrasts.  Think how boring life would be without them.


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