So Nice to Meet You!


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Here’s a true story for you.  I think I’ve shared this one before, but I couldn’t find it, so here goes.

Twenty-five years ago, my oldest son was included in a study tour to England. He asked me if I’d like to go along. Would I?  Oh, you betcha!  This is something anyone who has taught English and history would love to do.   So I joined him , with severl others, for 11 wonderul days in the South of England and then London. It was  April, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and it was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken.

When we were in London we did all the normal touristy stuff, including going to Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guard. No picture can do it justice, but the video above helps give you the whole picture.

I was in a place where I could see quite well, but my son wanted to get closer to the action.  He wove through the crowd, wearing his Minnesota Vikings sweatshirt, until he was right up front.  He’d been gone for several minutes when he came back, wearing a rather bemused look on his face.

“Mom, there are some people I think you’d want to meet.  They saw my Minnesota shirt, and we got to talking.  They used to live in Minneapolis when he went to Northwestern Bible College.  They were there the same time Grandpa was there.  They knew him.  They were good friends with him and Grandma.  They remember you when you were little.”

“Really?  What is their name?”  He told me, and I instantly recognized the name.  We had prayed for them for  years.  They were missionaries in South America, and my mom faithfully corresponded with them for many years. I was amazed, and so pleased to meet these people and visit with them.  There was a great deal of hugging and laughing. How incredible that we should make this connection, of all places, in London!  They had never been there before, and neither had we.

Of course I promised to greet my mom and dad for them, and I’ve shared this story many times in the intervening years.  The amazing thing is that every time I’ve shared it, someone else has come up with his own story of meeting someone in a totally unexpected place.

It really is a small world.

5 thoughts on “So Nice to Meet You!

  1. How totally amazing!
    Yes, it’s happened to me, too. On a trip, a totally chance stopping at a place we’d never been nor would ever go — except I needed to make an important call about our house — and here were our next door neighbors from a place we used to live, just checking into the hotel. They’d come to this remote venue for a grandson’s wedding!

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