Rejection Slips


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Brandon sighed as he pulled the familiar long white envelope out of his mail box.  “Every publisher must use the same envelope, the same form, the same biting words of rejection,” he thought as he slit the top of the envelope with his pocket knife. “You’d think they could come up with something better than they do. ‘We aren’t in the market for this genre. . . . . . this doesn’t fit our needs at this time. . . . .’ ”  Sometimes he wished someone would at least tell him it was good writing, but not what they were looking for.

Just one little crumb of encouragement would help.

He was tempted to just toss the envelope in the trash. He was so sure it was another rejection slip, and he just didn’t think he could  deal with another one. There had been three so far this week.  It was Tuesday.

But he had to look, so he pulled the single sheet of paper out of the envelope and unfolded it.  Good quality paper, he realized, and not just another form letter.  Huh.

His pulse picked up a little.  Maybe?  Maybe this time?

“Dear Mr. Paynter,

We were pleased to receive your manuscript.  We would like to meet with you to discuss the possibility of publishing your story.  We haven’t made a decision at this time, but we like your style and we like the fresh approach.  Of course, ————-“

“Oh boy, here it comes,” sighed Brandon to himself. “The inevitable turndown. Can’t get away from it.”  But he continued reading.

“Of course, our short story editor will have some suggestions.  We’re hoping we can work together toward getting your story in print.”

There were details, a number to call, an editor’s name.

Suddenly, the reality hit and Brandon’s knees gave out.  He slumped into his desk chair, hands shaking, as he realized someone was actually thinking of publishing his work!

Rejection is not always inevitable.

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