Puppy Love


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Sadie longed for a dog of her own. She daydreamed about how wonderful it would be to have a dog who belonged just to her. How she would love her dog!  She would care for him, feed him, brush him and train him.  He would always welcome her when she came home from whatever excursion she’d been enjoying.  He would always be at her side when she was home.

And then, one bright and glorious day, her longing was fulfilled!

Her mom and dad took the family to a farm where some Cavachon puppies were ready to be adopted.  Sadie’s ten-year-old heart melted at the sight of the little dogs, who were part Cavalier King Charles spaniels and part Bichon Frise.  “Cute” didn’t even begin to describe how appealing they were.

Sadie picked out the one  she wanted with very little hesitation, and her heart was riding on a cloud all the way home.  Cavachons, at least this one, wanted to be cuddled more than anything in the world, and Sadie was more than happy to oblige.

After the first couple of days, though, she began to understand better what her mom and dad had been telling her before she got the pup.  “It’s a lot of work to train a puppy.  They have to learn not to mess in the house.  They have to be watched constantly so they don’t chew everything in sight.  They are NOT obedient until you’ve had the time and patience to teach them.  They cry, they want constant attention. If he’s really going to be your dog, you’re the one who has to be his main caregiver and trainer.  It’s a LOT of work, but if you’re patient, you’ll have a wonderful companion for many years.”

She did love him. She was already the one he looked for first. But she was tired and discouraged after the first couple of days, finally realizing that her mom and dad had been exactly right.

Still.  It was puppy love at first sight. Her longing had been realized. She would do this.


13 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. timronnie

    Very sweet! Of course, you know I love anything with a dog in it! Tim finally decided last week he is ready to find another one, but it’s been a rough couple of weeks. We found two different ones we fell in love with, both times losing them, literally by minutes, to another family. But, it looks like we may have found one! We’re going tomorrow to see him – and, hopefully, bring him home! I’m as excited as a 5 yr. old on Christmas Eve!

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  2. Your post brings back bittersweet memories. Glad to see Sadie’s commitment and responsibility here. I got a dog when I was thirteen and we were great friends until the day I left home — at sixteen. My poor dog! One day I was there, the next day I was totally gone from his life. And I was far too wrapped up in my own situation to even think of my pet. My mom told me later she gave him away to a farmer.

    So I keep banging my little drum: “Children have no tomorrows; they live totally in today. So, Parents, this pet has to be something you’ll want and you will take care of after your children have moved on with their lives.” Pets are a great thing in children’s lives, but they need and deserve some ‘constant’, some Plan B.

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  3. Linda Fode

    I love what you are doing with the fiction approach to the daily posts. I believe you have found your voice & your medium. Again, you inspire me to broaden my horizons.

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    1. Thanks, Linda. This is a challenge I’ve set for myself, to make all the daily one-word prompts into a story. I try to do these around 8 a.m. and I’m not a morning person, so it’s stretching me 🙂


  4. Things are not always the way we think they will be and she learned this lesson, but at least she followed through with her responsibility and she did get what she had been wanting for so long.Wonderful story! 😊

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  6. Just as I read your lovly story, a friend of mine sendt me a picture of the puppy she will pick up in a month. Soooo cute! I think she will be exhausted the first couple of days but fall madly in puppy love 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this sweet story, it made me smile.

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    1. The puppy is doing very well. He’s without any doubt the cutest little guy I’ve ever seen. Cavachons are adorable, and very loving. He’s just about completely housetrained, sleeps through the night, and is so much fun. My 10-year-old granddaughter does most of his care, and has already taught him to sit, stay, and come. It’s been a great experience for her.

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      1. That is so great to hear. Every grandchild should have a puppy and every puppy should have a grandchild. Seriously, theres therapy in pets. Caring for a little furball makes us better people.

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