One Size does NOT Fit All!

Alma Mater

You’ve been asked to speak at your high school alma mater — about the path of life. (Whoa.) Draft the speech.


Good morning, my fellow haters of long dry speeches!  I know you are here today because you can’t get out of assembly.  I remember, and I sympathize.

I’m supposed to talk with you today about the “path of life.”  Well, my word. I was told I have about 20 minutes to give you some profound thoughts about your life path, and I don’t think I can use up that much time.  See, I don’t know  your life path, and right now, neither do you.  And I’m pretty sure you don’t want to hear twenty minutes of MY life path.


So what I’m going to say to you is what you can do right now to insure that you get a good start on your life path, which you’ve already walked for at least 14 years; some of you for 17 or 18 years.

So the first thing you need to do is look back and evaluate where you’ve been.  Until now, your path has been to respect your parents, to do your best in school, to try to get along with your siblings, and respect the law.  That’s the basic stuff.  If you haven’t done very well with that, today is the day to start creating a new life path.  Clean up your act, decide the path you’re on isn’t going to give you a bright future, and make whatever changes you need to make in order to create a better path.

The Boy Scout’s motto is “Always be prepared.”  That’s a great motto for each one of you. Life isn’t always fair.  It isn’t always easy.  Sometimes it’s just a mess of pitfalls, danger, and misery.  You have to understand that you won’t escape your share of pain and sorrow. Be prepared. Decide ahead of time how you’ll deal with the bad stuff.   Get the best education you can; be prudent with your money; make wise, careful choices about the people in your life.

It’s a great idea to read about people who have overcome terrible adversity and risen to greatness.  Make your heroes people who are worthy of that kind of praise, not criminals or  people of very little character who have made it big because they’re willing to step on others in order to succeed.

Most of you already know something that you love to do. Others of you are still dabbling in a variety of interests, and that’s fine.  Consider this:  Whatever it is you love, that’s what you can focus on, improve in, excel at, and maybe make it your life’s work.

Most important, don’t forget about God.  Faith in God will help take you through those hard places.

Take joy in living.  Life is, indeed, what you make it.

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