Say Your Name

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?


I knew I’d written about this before, but it was under a different prompt title.  Took me a few minutes to find it, but you can find it here.

I don’t think  I addressed whether or not I would rename myself. The answer is no.  Not now.  I’ve grown accustomed to my name.  When I was a kid, of course, I thought I’d like to be called by all sorts of interesting names, but now I’m happy with Linda.

9 thoughts on “Linda

  1. Linda is a lovely name. My daughter is called Linda. My experience is that many of those who bear the name Linda are talented or outstanding women. No surprise to me that you are what I know you to be. My daughter Linda is one of the most amazing girls I know. Recently she was admitted into Young African Leaders’ Forum. If I were asked to rename her, I would give her the same name.

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  2. Marilyn

    Since I was born before the days of ultrasound and foreknowledge of the sex of the child, I have been told that my parents were planning to name me Richard. Obviously they were hoping for a boy. Surprise! They never told me how they came to choose Marilyn, but I have met many women with that name in my age group. I don’t believe Marilyn Monroe was quite famous in 1943 and it would have been uncharacteristic of them to name me after a movie star.

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  3. timronnie

    My mother had a friend who named her daughter “Rhona” and my mother liked the name and thus used it. I have HATED it my entire life! Nobody ever pronounces it correctly and I think it sounds old and frumpy and simply does not suit my personality. Whenever possible I try to get people to use Ronnie, but my parents were always offended that I didn’t like my name.

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      1. timronnie

        Interesting. Though it’s been years and years since I’ve even bothered to look, I’d never been able to find any meaning or background on my name. Thank you. (But, I still hate it. 😉 )

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  4. I also wouldn’t like to rename myself. My name is Kamogelo, it is a Tswana name and it is really a blessing from my granny to name me that. It can be translated in all languages in the world. In English it is Welcome, in German (since I am currently learning German now) it is Willkommen. Great article once more!

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