Thanks, Wordy, for that Picture!

Naked with Black Socks

Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom? Why?


What an odd prompt title.   I won’t be able to get that picture out of my mind any time soon.

I’m very comfortable in front of people.  My dad had me teacing two-year-olds in Sunday School when I was only 12, and I’ve been teaching ever since.  I participated in speech contests in high school.  I’ve been a high school teacher.  I teach adult women’s Bible study, and I do a moderate amount of public speaking at women’s conferences and seminars.  Not a problem.

In fact, the more the merrier.  I guess I’m a ham.  I love to elicit responses from the audience, and I find myself speaking not just to a faceless group, but to individuals. It’s a lot of fun, and I suspect I get more out of it than my audience does.

I truly feel sorry for those who hate to speak publicly and suffer no end of nerves, nausea, and anxiety when they have to do so.  I’ll never forget seeing a girl faint in my  senior year of high school when she had to get up in front to give a speech. Felt so bad for her.

I’m just not one of those.  There are plenty of other things that scare me spitless.  Public speaking is not one of them.

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