Computer-Free Living

Life After Blogs

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?


I wouldn’t like it, but I could do it.  Lots of things would have to change.  I’d have to go back to banking and bill-paying the old-fashioned way.  Communication would have to revert, as well, with friends and family. Being the forward-thinking person that I am, I’ve already made sure I have hard copies (paper–remember paper?)  of all our personal and financial information in case the internet breaks.  Al Gore won’t have the first idea how to fix it.

I’d be scouring the anitique shops for a typewriter.  Do they still sell typewriters anywhere else?  I’m assuming that if there’s no computer, no internet, then there’s probably not much for cell phones to do, either–at least, not smart phones.  Yikes.  Back to the olden days, for sure.

But that’s ok.  We useless old people know how to do things without computers 🙂

But this is supposed to be, at least in part, about how blogging would change.

It wouldn’t change.  It would cease to exist.  All of us wannabe writers would either throw our hands up in despair, or we’d get busy typing and sending things to editors, newspapers, publishers, just like we had to do pre-internet.  Yes, Virginia, life existed before computers.

No one can deny how much computers have changed the way we do things.  I love mine, and I grieve when one or the other of them takes a temporary leave of absence. The power supply for this computer, my PC, fizzled last week.  My ingenious husband got it up and running yesterday, and I am very thankful.  I love my Mac laptop, but this one is easier to type on, for me.

By the way, if you have a MacBookAir, can you tell me why things on my screen move all over the place at the tiniest touch on my trackpad?  Drives me crazy.  I use Chrome, and sometimes the tabs just start trading places with each other willy-nilly.  When I point and click, sometimes whole paragraphs, pictures, whatever, go floating off to wherever. I really love my Mac, but this is driving me nuts. I’ve  tried looking at settings, but I can’t find anything that addresses this particular problem.  Any gurus out there who can help me?  I have no desire to take it to an Apple store, where if you’re not exactly on time they just think you died and they move on to the next person.  At least, that’s what I hear. Besides, I think the nearest one is down by Philly. Blech.  Not in this weather!

Speaking of weather, the sky is very grey today and Terry says it’s raining!  That should do away with some of our 30 inches of snow that fell on Saturday, but it could also make an unholy mess of the roads if the temp drops below freezing–to say nothing of possible flooding in some areas.

Winter in PA.  Gotta love it.


6 thoughts on “Computer-Free Living

  1. Using computers can be very frustrating when they do not work properly, but it’s worth it. I would hate to go back to typewriters…especially the manual ones! I really love computers now, but I can remember hating the transition for a hard copy of my work to ..having to put everything on the computer.

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  2. I’m with you. Giving up my computer would be difficult. Now to your trackpad. Go to your settings (the grey gear looking thing) and click on trackpad. There you can adjust the movements you want to use (scrolls, swipes, clicks, etc.) At the bottom, you can adjust the speed in which it responds. You can make similar adjustments on the keyboard (from settings). Hope this helps. Thanks again for another wonderful post.

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    1. Sheila, I’ve been to the trackpad adjustments. I decided to slow it way down this time, but it still acts weird. For instance, when I went to use Facebook chat today, what I typed came out backwards. Instead of “how are you” it typed”uoy era woh” Something is definitely goofy. The tabs? If I try to grab one, they all move in any direction they please.

      I’m about ready to go back to a stylus and a clay tablet 🙂

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      1. Something is definitely up. If it’s less than a year old, call Apple support. It’s free and they can help. If it’s out of warranty, you can go with a one time charge. If that isn’t an option close all apps and reboot the P-RAM: Restart your computer and when you hear the first chime, immediately press down the P, R, Command, and Option keys all at once. Keep holding them for a minute until your computer chimes again and release. Hopefully that will reset it. Good luck.

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