7 thoughts on “Bored to Tears

  1. timronnie

    Ha ha! I actually taught myself to like football back in junior high, not because I liked football, but because BOYS liked football and I liked boys! I ended up becoming a big Dallas Cowboys fan! I’m still a Cowboys fan, but I don’t really need to watch the games anymore, I just check if they won or lost and that’s all I need to know.

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  2. Amen sister, AMEN. I’ve lost decades to being forced to listen to that stupid game (I would NOT watch it, not voluntarily)…but the boys/men in my life that did apparently didn’t know from volume control. Or maybe they were just trying to drown out the sound of my yawning.

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  3. I feel that way about shopping and sitting in a group of women who are doing nothing but talking about the last selfie they took. I LOVE sports and have intense loyalties to my teams, I love the strategy and the physical adeptness of good players, I love the intense release of emotion that only someone who can only watch and not play goes through, actually watching a football game is a great way to relax…sorry can’t explain it, I am seventy and.still love my Cardinals, my DBacks, my Suns, my Coyotes, my Sundevils, and Jordan Spieth, and Phil Mickelson and NASCAR, and etc…. 🙂

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    1. I know, and I just don’t get it. I’m with you on the shopping. Hate to shop. And if I had to spend time with the women you describe, I’d probably just shoot myself. Or them. I’m very happy to say that life is fulfilling and challenging without sports. No criticism for those of you who love sports. I know I’m outnumbered. Doesn’t matter. I’ve tried and tried to care, but I just don’t. I can even appreciate athletic ability. I do enjoy watching the Olympics-the basketball games are always exciting. But no football. Please. I beg you. Makes my eyeballs bleed 🙂


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