Happy Endings

Tell us about something you’ve tried to quit. Did you go cold turkey, or for gradual change? Did it stick?


I’ve tried quitting these tired, stale prompts.  I don’t know why I keep coming back for more reruns.  It’s  a bad habit.

I really hoped that with the new year, we’d be done with the reruns. Sigh.

I’ve tried looking at each rerun as a new opportunity to come up with a new perspective.  Sometimes I’ve succeeded.  Sometimes I finish the new effort, then go back and read the old one. Same old same old.


Rest in peace, Old Daily Prompts

I have this thing about loyalty.  I wish Word Press felt the same way. “A new prompt every day,” they say.  Apparently they figure the average blogger is going to last for only a couple of years, maybe three.

I have to be honest, though.  I like using the grid, knowing that many bloggers will see my posts and read them.  I don’t feel right about using the daily prompt grid, as one or two people do, when they never use the daily prompt. Seems like cheating. So I’m afraid my daily readership would dwindle to nothing, and the point, after all, is to have lots of people reading what you write.

Oh, the agony! To prompt or not to prompt, that is the question.



19 thoughts on “Quitting

  1. Prompts are…well, prompts, suggestions. Sometimes I use the prompt…or not. There is a book out there someplace called “101 Plots” or something like that, which outlines 101 basic fiction plots, each with countless variations.

    I like the classes, because there aren’t many rules. 🙂

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  2. And a good one it is. I wrote a comment on your post, but it got so long I decided to post it on my own blog instead. 🙂
    And I thought up a related writing prompt, if you’re interested in something different:
    Have you ever felt so strongly about an issue that you fired off a “Letter to the editor” or to some government official stating your views on the subject?

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      1. As to the tragic news—which is local—I posted that on my main blog (christinegoodnough.com) A 29-year-old woman driver, impaired, smashed into another vehicle and killed a couple and their two young children. She’s being charged, but the legal aspects are peanuts compared to living with that responsibility all her life!
        And how would it strain your Christian charity and faith if you were the parent of that husband or wife and an officer was knocking at your door with that news?

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      2. Truly awful. For everyone involved. I’m so sorry for the families, for the victims–but as you say, the driver, no matter her sentence, will never be free of the guilt.


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