Present Tense

Write Here, Right Now

Write a post completely in the present tense.


The English teacher in me rebels against this one.  It’s all too common  today to read something in which past tense is never used.  Example:

“So she says, “I don’t know.” And she goes to the library to find out, and then she says, “Now I know.”  It would be much better this way:

She said she didn’t know, but she went to the library to do some research. She came back with lots of information.”

Present tense is for what is actually in process.  That’s why we also have the present progressive tense:  ” She is exercising by going swimming.”  And of the course the present perfect tense. We use the present perfect  to say that an action happened at an unspecified time before now.  Like this:  “I have been swimming twice a week for exercise and relaxation.” The action has happened and is continuing.

As you can see, I have no intention of writing this prompt completely in present tense.  I can’t.  It just won’t come from my brain through my fingers.  I find it terribly annoying to try to read something written that way.  I will not write that way.



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