Paper and Tinsel (100-word challenge)

‘Twas two days before Christmas. Sharon shuffled from her bedroom toward the kitchen  when something glittery caught her eye. Tinsel. All over the living room floor.

Her heart stopped. There was paper, too, torn and crumpled. On the edge of panic, she turned toward the living room, dreading what she would find.

But all the boxes were intact.  And they were all there. What on earth. . . .

And then, suddenly and with no warning, the tree toppled and crashed at her feet. Out from the top branches,  the cat streaked out of the room and disappeared into the kitchen.

Dratted cat!

6 thoughts on “Paper and Tinsel (100-word challenge)

      1. No, although the temptation is strong to ditch WP prompt. The 100-word challenge is posted only once a week, I think. I was just in the mood to write today 🙂


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