Candlelight Carol


Write whatever you normally write about, and weave in a book quote, film quote, or song lyric that’s been sticking with you this week.


There is always music running in the back of my head. Honestly, sometimes it drives me crazy. For instance, the other day someone mentioned “It’s a Small World After All,” and it was with me ALL DAY!

Songs are often triggered by a random phrase, a picture, or something I’m reading.  My high school students, including my own children, used to roll their eyes right out of their little heads at my tendency to come up with a song that matched what one of them had just said.  I suppose it could be annoying, but I didn’t do it with malice.  It’s just in there.  I can remember with great clarity the advertising jingles I heard on TV way back in  1955.

For me to come up with just one song lyric is difficult.  It’s kind of like sorting through my recipe file for that ONE cookie recipe that everyone loved back in 1974.  I get stuck on all the other good ones along the way.

However, it is still the Christmas season, and there is one song that won’t leave me alone.  Here it is:


7 thoughts on “Candlelight Carol

  1. What my Dad said always stuck with me so it is not a song. I deliberately have to choose a song for the day. I have so many little cliches in my head that they just pop out. One day my mom and I were sitting and talking when I had a pad of paper nearby and I asked for those little proverbs of hers and they just rolled out of her. I wrote them down. I am more prone to say, “My daddy used to say. . .” or My mother used to say. . .” and a few days ago my granddaughter said, “Nana, you always say that!” Oh dear, it must be catching!

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    1. Yes, me too. One of my sons tells me I use a lot of old-fashioned sayings in my blogs, and that maybe I should reconsider using them since younger people won’t know what they mean. Nope. I am who I am, and maybe one of my old-fashioned sayings will catch someone’s curiosity. Besides, I think they’re pretty easy to figure out 🙂

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  2. This bit of putting in a song when someone says something is so ME, too. Bob’s Mom laughed one day after I did it (In Bob’s presence, too.) she said, “It annoyed him when his mother always did that…and now his wife always does it, too.”
    Last night at a gathering my five-year-old grandson ran up to me and I saw the new sneakers he was wearing. and I told him, “That was a song once: My baby has R-E-D shoes.” (English version of a Cajun zeddico song I heard once in my life. 🙂 )
    And I, too, still sometimes recall: “Brylcreem, a little dab’ll do ya. Brylcreem, you’ll look so debonair…” pouring out of our old black & white TV during Bonanza.

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