Are you a sports fan? Tell us about fandom. If you’re not, tell us why not.


Fortunately, this is not Terry and I.  He’s not much of a sports nut either.  Thank goodness!

The sports gene skipped me.  I used to dread New Year’s Day, when the TV was on for the Rose Parade (which I enjoyed) and then hours and hours and HOURS of little men trying to hurt each other while they moved the ball back and forth on the field.  I tried.  Really tried.  I figured if so many other people could turn into yelling, screaming devotees, there must be something I was missing.

Whatever it was, I’m still missing it. I just don’t care.  I have nothing against sports as such, I just don’t want to sit around for hours watching other people play.  It’s boring.

I would eventually wander upstairs to my room and get lost in a good book. At least the action wasn’t interrupted every two seconds while referees blew whistles and players threw helmets and coaches paced like angry bears, while the fans either screamed with joy or booed with displeasure.  It takes four hours to play a two-hour game.  Ugh.

I don’t mind watching a good fast basketball game.  Everything else can go fish.  Baseball?  Yikes.  Fifteen minutes between pitches while the players spit, scratch, and take a nap. Hockey?  Toothless players looking for opportunities to create more dental bills for other players.

I forgot–I do enjoy watching gymnastics.  Amazing what people can do with training and strength.  I used to like to watch ice skating, but it’s taken a turn I don’t enjoy with so much sexuality portrayed in the routines and the costumes.

Golf?  Really?  Ranks right up there with watching the grass grow.

Nope.  Not a sports fan.  Everyone else in my family loved sports, even my mom.  As she got older, she actually did enjoy watching golf. Beats me.

Sure am glad a found a guy who isn’t a sports nut. We managed to produce one child who loves to watch football, probably other things too.  I’m happy for him.  And happy I don’t have to join him 🙂


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