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Third Rate Romance

Tell us your funniest relationship disaster story.


But not really a disaster, either.

I got home around 8:30 last night after a full eight-client day at work. Terry was lying on the sofa, covered up with his heavy bathrobe. Odd.  He’s usually too warm.

Then I saw the gear on the table in the dining room.

“Do you have another kidney stone?”

“Yeah, I took myself to the ER just after you left for work this morning.  Told the nurses not to call you (why do men DO that?) because there was nothing you could do anyway.”


Long story short, they gave him an IV and a couple of prescriptions and sent him home with instructions to drink lots of water.

This morning at seven he asked me to drive him back to the ER. The pain meds weren’t working.  You know how a woman in labor pants to get through the pain?  Yeah.  Like that.

I left him there.  Again, there was nothing for me to do, and I have four clients to see today. So I got ready for work, and he called around 8:45 to say he was all doped up and I could come get him. Back to the ER, back home with stronger pain meds and the same instructions as yesterday. Poor guy. 


But somehow we always manage to find the humor.  When I dropped him off, I hadn’t fixed my hair or makeup and I’d just thrown on a pair of jeans and a tee.  When I picked him up, I was ready for work–makeup, jewelry, etc.  He says to the nurse, “See the lengths I have to go to in order to get her to dress up?” 

Earlier, just as I was getting ready to leave him there, his typical gallows humor emerged. “If I croak, don’t call her until 5 p.m. when she’s done working.  Wouldn’t want to disturb her while she’s working.”

You know, there are times when I think a timely tap on the noggin would be in order.  A fairly STRONG tap.


14 thoughts on “Not Funny

  1. Maybe a SPINAL tap? Those are hideously painful…how I know is that my father, a relatively stoic man, whom I never saw cry; bawled like a baby when they did his. Said afterward it was the worst pain he ever had to endure, and he had plenty of experience with pain…bone marrow cancer and a host of other ailments. I had to smile when I read the bit that said “Why do men always do that?” about why your fellow didn’t call you about the ER visit.. my husband was the same. I think they think it’s unmanly to feel pain and express it, and so they go to great lengths to hide it from the “wimmenfolk”. I really enjoyed this post! 😀

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    1. Oh my, I really hope it doesn’t come to that! Just for a simple kidney stone, I don’t thin it will. He called a few minutes ago to tell me he’s seeing a urologist this afternoon for a follow-up. And I’m really not worrying. Terry’s got a lot of common sense, and we both trust strongly in God. I can leave my Terry in His hands. Thanks for your comment 🙂


    1. As I told Embeecee, I’m really not worrying. I know I can leave him in God’s hands, and Terry has lots of common sense I just wish his pain were gone. Not that I’m not concerned–it’s in the back of my mind, of course, but I don’t worry:)

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  2. My pastor, who from time to time has had to preach seated on a tall chair because of kidney stone pain, told us recently in announcements, “I am happy to report that last night at. . .” as if he gave birth. It must be horrible pain. I hope this passes before Christmas. Tell Terry I’ll be praying for him.

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  3. I’ve had my experience with kidney stones and it is horrific! In ER twice, operated on twice. Some stones are different than others…mine could not be blasted. I’ve had three children and I can honestly say the pain of the stones was worse than giving birth to my children. There is no let up in the pain and it is intense. Just received the wonderful news a few weeks ago that there are no stones in my kidneys right now. ….that makes me smile 🙂

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    1. Oy. So glad you’re stone-free for now. This is Terry’s second go-round, and this time it’s taking a LONG time for that little sucker to move. I’m worried about spending Christmas in the ER!


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