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Give some love to three blog posts you’ve read and loved in the past week, and tell us why they’re worth reading.


Three of the blogs I always look forward to are  The Shepherd’s Presence, kathleenduncan, and S. Thomas Summers.

My friend Karyl writes The Shepherd’s Presence, and her homey little parables are always a pleasure.  She also posts some wonderful stories that she has collected over years of working with children and now senior citizens, and her most recent was the story  The Tiny Foot.  It’s the story of a doctor who made a life-or-death decision about allowing the birth of a child he knew was deformed.  It’s a four-hanky story, and one you really need to read.  Life is always precious, always important.

Kathleen Duncan is a friend I’ve met her in cyberspace.  She lost a beloved son when he was only 20, and that event started her blogging journey.  She writes from the heart; she is transparent; she is wise. She shares her grief and her growth openly, and she always touches my heart.  I don’t know if there’s any one post.  They’re all worth reading.

I don’t usually get into poetry, but S. Thomas Summers has captured  my fancy with his unique, colorful style and his subject matter, especially when he delves in fantasy.  His latest offering is here, and well worth the few seconds it takes to read.

There are so many others that I found it difficult to choose.  There’s a lot of talent out there 🙂


4 thoughts on “Favorite Bloggers

  1. Oh man, “The Tiny Foot” post really got my ire up. I’ve read/heard that story before – back when I was the director of a crisis pregnancy center – but this telling of it made me want to smack that doctor. And it made me shudder to wonder how many people (of all ages) have died at the hands of such gods. To spend years regretting the birth of that child is to not know the Shepherd at all.

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