Oh, The Weather Outside!

Climate Control

The idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old. Do you agree? If yes, how does the weather affect your mood?


Of course weather affects us.  What fascinates me is how different people react differently to whatever weather there is.


For example, I have a sister who lives in Arizona, in the Phoenix area.  She boasts about their cloudless sky 360 days a year, of how it never gets cold and miserable.  Okay, I’m glad for her.

But I’d hate 360 days of nothing but sun and blue skies.  I love clouds. I love  the changing seasons, the storms, the variety of weather no matter what the season.  Truthfully, the cold doesn’t have much appeal for me these days, but it’s really only a couple of month out of the year here in my corner of PA. The rest of the time, it’s pretty moderate. It can get way too hot in the summer, but we live in air conditioning.  There are people who can’t wait for those hot days, who are out scorching their skin to leather and enjoying the sweat.  Not me. To each his own.

Humidity makes my bones ache, and especially cold humidity. There’s no escape from that, though.  I’ve read about archeologists who have discovered that the skeletons of cliff-dwelling desert Indians in Arizona show terrible osteoarthritic deterioration.  Hot and dry, cold and damp, the Itis brothers tend to settle anywhere they want.

But this is supposed to be about mood.  Okay.  A clear sunny day can certainly lift my spirits. So can wind and rain.  I love thunder and lightning, but I’m smart enough not to go out and stand under a tall tree when the lightning is flashing 🙂

I enjoy watching a gentle snowfall as everything turns glistering white, pure and clean for just a day or so.  Here, the day or two after a heavy snow tend to be clear and sunny, and it isn’t long before all that whiteness is melting and graying into slush and ugliness.  I think that’s really just about the only kind of winter weather that truly brings me down. I don’t like the grey.

The reward for winter, though, is the fairy tale spring; the reward for the dog days of August is the long, breathtaking beauty of the fall.

Mostly, I’ve chosen to be content where I am. There’s a great deal to enjoy, far more good than not-so-good.

Like so much else in life, mood is a choice we make. Blame the weather if you want, but if you’re a Grinch, it’s because you’ve chosen to be.


8 thoughts on “Oh, The Weather Outside!

  1. Weather is so fun! As dangerous as it is, I love living in Tornado Alley. I’m from Missouri, where the weather can spontaneously and unpredictably change in the blink of an eye. It’s so fun. I agree with you; I think I’d get bored in Arizona.

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