My Wish

Out of Your Reach

Was there a toy or thing you always wanted as a child, during the holidays or on your birthday, but never received? Tell us about it.


A lot was out of our reach.  There was very little money, and we knew that there would never be a pet in the house, but that is the one thing I yearned for. We had a neighbor who had  a beautiful little golden cocker spaniel. I would have given up every other treasure I owned to have a dog like that

I don’t remember the dog’s name. I just remember the liquid golden-brown eyes, the silky ears, and the eagerness to be petted and played with.  He was a beautiful little dog, and I loved him. 

Whenever he was outside and I saw him, he would quiver with delight until I could pick him up and cuddle him.  He had a very sweet nature, and would let me hold him as long as I wanted to.  Of course, I never wanted to put him down.

He was just a puppy when we first met, and I watched him grow to adulthood, but he never lost his puppy charm.  He was always cute, always friendly, always willing to be  held.  As he got bigger, it was harder to fit him onto my lap, but we figured it out.

When we moved away, I was heartbroken.  I’ve always wondered how long he lived, and if he ever found another little girl to love him and treasure him as he deserved.

11 thoughts on “My Wish

  1. I so wanted Binoculars when i was a little kid – dad would never buy it, though. ‘It’s too expensive’ he would say every time I’d request him to buy one for me 🙂 I’d feel hurt and cry then – but now these memories bring smiles.

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