Funny isn’t always Appropriate

Too Soon?

Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?


I don’t get the connection between the title and the prompt.  Somebody want to help me out?

Can anything be funny?  Sure. But is it always appropriate to make jokes about anything and everything?   No.  Of course not.

Unarmed students being targeted and shot to death if they say they are Christians is not a laughing matter. Ever.

Rape and torture are never funny. Human suffering should never be made a metter of humor. Sin isn’t funny.

Just about anything else can be lightened with a good dose of humor.  Marriage.  Childbirth. Aging. Teens.  Babies.  School, homework, teachers, sports, going steady, falling in love, getting engaged, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries.

It’s an endless list.  And of course, we all make jokes about politics and politicians.

5 thoughts on “Funny isn’t always Appropriate

  1. I also did not really understand what they wanted from this prompt. Eventually we would all write the same that there are certain things that you do not laugh at through good taste or whatever.


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