To the Moon


Invent a definition for the word “flangiprop,” then use the word in a post. 


Flangiprop:  n. A device of any sort used to prop up one’s elbow or elbows.  Any surface, such as a table, desk, chair arm, cushion, pad, pillow that can act as a place on which to rest one’s elbow(s). v. to flangiprop, flangipropped, flangipropping:  to rest one elbow(s) on a flat or cushioned surface.

The teacher was showing signs of growing impatience.  She had been carefully instructing her class of 8th-graders about why we don’t see the dark side of the moon.  She had gone to great lengths, using  a classroom globe, a grapefruit for the sun and an orange for the moon.  She selected trustworthy students to hold the fruit and slowly circle the globe as she directed them while she explained the rotation and relative positions of each sphere.

The class was engaged, she could tell.  Many had their elbows flangipropped on their desks, with their hands cupping their cheeks or fisted under their chins. It seemed as if they were really getting it.  Feeling quite pleased with herself, she allowed her helpers to sit down while she asked the class if there were any questions.

One boy raised his hand, blue eyes full of doubt. When she nodded at him, he said, “Mrs. K, is that really true or did you make it up?”

In her mind, Mrs. K visualized sending that student to the moon.

(It’s not surprising that this video has an evolutionary twist. I am not an evolutionist. Use your own discretion)


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