It’s a Wonderful Life

No Cliffhangers

Write a post about the topic of your choice, in whatever style you want, but make sure to end it with “…and all was well with the world.”


I’ve sat here with my fingers resting on my keyboard, my mind totally not coming up with anything inspiring and thought-provoking.

Then I started actually looking, really seeing.

I live in a modest three-bedroom rancher on about 3/4 acre of land, with lots of trees and shade. My living room, where I’m sitting, is pretty and comforable, filled with things like my teapot collection, the hand-crocheted doilies I’ve made, pictures of family–including one of my parents, my sister and me when I was only two. I love that photo.  We have a Bose, we have a good-sized flat-screen TV (a fairly new acquisition).  I’m typing on a MacBook Air, which I bought mainly for work. We have a lovely deacon’s bench made in Amish country, and sitting right beside the sofa is a lovely coffee set on a beautiful tray that my son brought back from Iraq. To my left is an attractive display case filled with my costume dolls, one of my favorite things. Most of the dolls are gifts from my family. I love them. They aren’t good for anything useful, but they are beautiful and they lift my heart.

I have books all around me.  I have my knitting bag and my Bible nearby. There is framed calligraphy on my walls that another of my sons has done. He is very gifted, and the pieces are amazing.

All this, and we are NOT wealthy.

In my kitchen, newly renovated, still waiting for some final touches, my fridge is full of food and my pantry is well-stocked. Terry is sitting at my dining room table working on something or the other. Down the hall, the study is also crammed with books, along with my gorgeous organ and my PC. My bedroom, decorated by my kids as a Christmas gift maybe 10-12 years ago, I have a wonderfully comfortable bed, more tea pots, books. . . .

I have all that I need, and more.  I love my husband.  He loves me.  I have four kids that are my heart.  I have nine grandkids who fill me with delight. I have two daughters-in-law who are patient with me and put up with my quirks.  I love them.  I think they love me.  I have a third who is a future daughter-in-law.  She is also a delight to me.  And who knows, maybe there will be another baby or two in the future.

We have a church home that has welcomed us and made us feel at home.

I have my relationship with the Lord, which surrounds all I have mentioned, and makes me realize how thankful I should be, because. . . . .all is right with my world.

Of course there are problems. We are human.  Sometimes we’re not reasonable or kind. Sometimes we forget the God that we serve. But when I think of some of the folks I see in my counseling practice, I realize many times over that, indeed, all is right with my world.


14 thoughts on “It’s a Wonderful Life

  1. “All this and we are not wealthy”. My Mom used to say “I’m not rich” and I would tell her maybe you are. She lived In a house that was paid for, could afford a new cAr, food in the fridge and money in the bank.
    I know I was rich for having a Mom like her.

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