No Chance

Take a Chance on Me

What’s the biggest chance you ever took? Did it work out? Do tell!


Someone at Word Press–Wordy?–must have read my declaration of independence and decided to pull up some really old prompts that I haven’t seen before.  Ok with me 🙂

I suppose the biggest chance I ever took, if you want to look at it that way, was going back to school at age 50 for my master’s degree so I could change careers from teaching to counseling.

Most people, especially Terry, were very supportive. There were a few naysayers, of course. Gotta have those.  They said I was too old, that counseling  is a “fad career” and that its popularity would fade. Some questioned my decision on what they believed were biblical grounds.

My biggest concern was that I’d been on the teacher’s side of the desk for so long that I wouldn’t be able to transition to being a student. I have to tell you, there were times when I did want to stand up, call the class to order, and proceed to lecture. After all, the majority of my classmates were under 30.  I was the granny of the class, and there’s a lot to be said for life experience over book knowledge.

I was accepted into the program on academic probation. It wasn’t because my undergrad work was poor, but that it was done at an unaccredited little school in Podunk.  Academic probation?  Really??  I’ll show them academic probation!  And I did. Graduated with a 4.0, top of my class. I’ve always loved a challenge.

I found that being a student again was very satisfying. In a master’s program, you get to focus just on what you want. There were no general course requirements.  Every class was important to my future work.

And yes, it has worked out very well.  Hard to believe I’ve been working for nearly 15 years now, and every day brings its own challenges. The work is never boring. Sometimes it’s incredibly sad; other times, incredibly satisfying.

It was a good decision, a good “chance.”  I, however, don’t believe in chance. I believe that God laid the work on my heart, provided the way for my education, supplied the energy I’d need, and set me in the office where I work. The schooling was undertaken with much prayer, and I still pray every day for wisdom and patience.


10 thoughts on “No Chance

  1. I’m sure you were well rewarded for the chance you took. Now, what other “chances ” might lie ahead? 🙂
    As far as WordPress and their prompts, it’s very likely that so many people voicing displeasure has made them try harder to find different prompts.

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    1. One of the gifts of old age is that you don’t always remember things 🙂 I had written on Chance before, but had no memory of it until someone else “liked” it here and I went back and re-read it. Guess what? Same topic 🙂

      Other chances? Maybe that book I keep thinking about. . .


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