Only One?

No, Thank You

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?


(After my big declaration of no more daily prompts, there have been two in a row that I don’t remember using.  Well, okay.)

Really, I get to ban only one word from the language?  Huh. No, I think I’m going to go for a whole genre of words.  I have several kinds of words I dislike intensely, like stupid, dumb, idiot, moron, pinhead, dough head. There are few people who truly deserve such pejoratives. I can think of one, maybe two.

But the words that really get my blood pressure up are words that denigrate women. I hate words  that refer to women only by their sexual parts or sexual functions.  You all know what those words are, and I’m not going to make a list here. I despise being called “Little lady,” or honey or sweetheart or darlin’ or sugar  by men who don’t know me, and who have no idea who I am. They are patronizing, full of themselves, and have no use for a woman who has a brain and isn’t afraid to use it.

In fact, their use of these demeaning terms shows me that they really aren’t too sure of themselves, and have opted to behave like members in good standing of the Good Ol’ Boys Club.  They’re better because they’re men. Testosterone is better than estrogen.  At least, that’s what they’ve decided.

I’m not a political feminist. Never have been.  I don’t hate men.  In fact, I enjoy them very much.  I like what men talk about, unless it’s sports.  Men who are confident are men who have no need to denigrate women. They’re not afraid of us.  In fact, they like us and respect us, and appreciate the unique perspective that an intelligent woman can bring to a conversation.

And now, just for the fun of it, lest we become too serious here:

The members of the male species who find it enjoyable and ego-boosting to use demeaning words to and about women are, in my never-to-be-humble opinion, all a bunch of stupid, dumb, moronic, pinheaded dough heads. And ignorant.  Let’s not forget ignorant.

4 thoughts on “Only One?

  1. Good thoughts in general–good words to ban forever. But…ummm… I’m just not sure about that last sentence. 😉

    Ont he serious side, your post reminds me of my good friend whose dad was bipolar. She told me that her dad had many extra-marital affairs before her parents finally divorced. And he called all the women in his life “Babe.”
    One day when he called his daughter (my friend) “Babe” and she fired back, “I know why you call all women ‘Babe’. it’s so you won’t accidentally say the wrong name when talking to your current flame. But you have only ONE daughter and my name is Rhonda. RHONDA. Remember that!”

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