100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#164                                               

… Noah looked worried…


They worked so hard. Day and night, pounding, sawing, sanding, varnishing, measuring, measuring twice. They were amazed at how BIG this thing was going to be.

As the ark grew closer and closer to being finished, animals began to gather. Strange-looking creatures, unknown to Noah. God surely must have a sense of humor to make such a variety of creatures. They ranged from tiny to Titan (of course, Noah didn’t know that word!)  but it seemed a sure thing they’d all fit.

Then Noah saw the dinosaurs.  And. . . Noah looked worried. . .


16 thoughts on “Noah

  1. Brilliant Linda! you have used the prompt so well & I’d love to have seen his face.

    I have amended your entry so that the title shows rather than the URL. Not a problem just makes it clearer. Thank you for joining this week!

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    1. Well, that would indeed be a good solution, but this post was just for fun, and not for historical accuracy 🙂 I believe the dinosaurs were wiped out by the Flood, and we were left with lizards that just don’t live long enough to turn into the size of their ancestors. From what I understand, though, they keep growing as long as they live. There have been sighting of iguanas that have grown to over six feet long. So interesting.


    1. Acually, I’m not sure they did. There are many places on the globe where there are massis of dinosaur bones, which many of us take as proof of the Flood. It shows that the dinosaurs died all at once, many of them together in herds. The biblical Flood could have done that. But I thought my fanciful ending made a fun picture, and I wasn’t worrying about historical accuracy 🙂


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