Hoo Boy!

Community Service

Your entire community — however you define that; your hometown, your neighborhood, your family, your colleagues — is guaranteed to read your blog tomorrow. Write the post you’d like them all to see.


What a golden opportunity!  A blog my whole community will read and–I hope–think about a whole lot.

My Dear Fellow Americans,

This is not a call to return to the so-called good old days.  There has always, always been corruption in politics because that is the nature of mankind.  Every generation of Americans has been called upon to choose wisely and well on Election Day. Some generations have done better than others. Both parties have offered candidates that were of sterling character, and both parties have elected those who were not so sterling.  I’m not talking about the GOP or the Dems today.  What I am asking is that each of you take a good look around you and decided if we now have the America of our parents’ or grandparents’ time, and if that America is better or worse.

How about crime?  Better or worse?

Drug and alcohol addiction?  Overspending–credit card debt?  Poverty? Divorce?  Quality of education?  Children having sex, having babies?  Violence? Civil unrest?

On the larger scale, are we respected around the world? Do we still have the most economically strong, militarily strong presence in the world? Or are we an object of derision and pity among other world leaders, other countries?  Is America still considered a place where anyone can come and make a decent living, lifting themselves out of miserable poverty?

Do we still believe in ‘United We Stand’? Or are we so intent on forcing our own convictions on everyone else that we will allow ourselves to be overrun by people who absolutely do not have America’s best interests in mind?

Do we still have religious freedom?  Are we free to practice our deeply held beliefs, or are we being told we have to conform to a society that wants no religion but the worship of man?

Has “tolerance” become the new Faith of our Fathers?  Are we becoming so enamored of tolerance and political correctness that we have forgotten that our Bill of Rights guarantees us freedom to practice our faith without fear, and without government supervision?

How well do we know our neighbors?  Could we call on the guy next door if we have an emergency? Or are we so distrustful that we barricade ourselves inside and let our world be governed by the television set?

How many people sit out on the front porch on a summer evening, visiting with the neighbors and enjoying the quietest part of the day?  Do children chase fireflies any more, or play Kick the Can? Do they go down to the school playground and play 500 or Workup?  Or is every activity organized and supervised by helicopter parents whose biggest fear is that someone may get hurt?

How about Sundays?  Does the family go to church, or is the day given over to catching up with all the household chores because there’s no other time in the week to do them? Has the Walmart become our most-frequented place of worship?

I could go on, but this is enough. What I want you to consider, as we go into the 2016 election cycle, is if you want this country to continue in its present direction, or if you want real, honest progress that will improve our country for all of us.

Thank you for your time.


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