Just Shut Up!

Break the Silence

When was the last time you really wanted (or needed) to say something, but kept quiet? Write a post about what you should’ve said.


It would be easier to write a post about the things I’m glad I didn’t say. As a person who finds it fairly easy to have foot-in-mouth disease, I’ve had to learn to just shut up.It’s an ongoing process. And it doesn’t come easy.  I have pretty good radar, and I usually can spot a phony, or just a plain old-fashioned creep, pretty quickly.  That’s when it’s a good idea for me to button the lip.

When I was in college, way back in the Dark Ages, there was an individual of the male species who felt that because he had testosterone, he was automatically entitled to the respect and awe of anyone from the female species. 

This person was bloviating, in a psych class, about the superiority of the male race. I was unimpressed. I finally couldn’t stand it any more, and I raised my hand, got the professor’s nod, and said, “Does he get to have the floor for the entire class period?”

Mr. Bloviator got all up on his dignity and informed me that the Bible says that women are to respect men, and I’d better watch my step.

Yikes. Complete perversion of what the Bible says. Complete misapplication. I really couldn’t stand this dude, and I said, “You show me a real man, and I’ll respect him. In the meantime, you need to sit down and listen to the Professor. We’re not in this class to be ‘educated’ by you!”

There was utter silence, during which I’m sure my face flamed bright red, but then someone started clapping, and soon the whole room was applauding. That was really embarrassing, too.

Mr. Bloviator sat down. Needless to say, he never deigned to notice my existence after that, which I’m sure you know absolutely broke my heart.

Am I sorry I spouted off?  No, not really, but I could have found a less offensive way to say what Blovy needed to hear. And that’s what I’ve worked on over the years.

Sometimes it’s better to say nothing. That’s hard for me, ’cause I always have something to say 🙂


21 thoughts on “Just Shut Up!

  1. I’ve pondered your post for several minutes, and I’m unable to add anything that you haven’t already covered, or came close, anyway. I find few things less tolerable than someone, male or female, who is full of themselves. You made your point, and I’m sure that next time he began describing his many positive attributes, he first scanned the room, making sure you were elsewhere.

    Sometimes blunt is good.

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  2. Anna

    Oh my I just keep seeing things we have in common my friend in Christ. I can so relate to this. I either become so tongue-tied that I cannot say a word (sometimes I think it is the Holy Spirit saying shhh), or things come out way more blunt than what I am thinking in my mind. It sounds like it was high time someone put Mr. Blovi in his place. 😉 I would say bloviator is the perfect description here. Thanks!

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  3. Lovely post, Linda. I haven’t come across bloviator since we did advanced level English at school when I was 18. But then such people should go out of fashion.I loved your interruption and you were absolutely right to make it. Anton

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    1. Blovaite is a great word, isn’t it? Makes me smile whenever I see or hear it, which actually isn’t often. Seems to me like a good example of onomatopoeia–sounds like what it means 🙂


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