Messy, Messier, Messiest

Sweeping Motions

What’s messier right now — your bedroom or your computer’s desktop (or your favorite device’s home screen)? Tell us how and why it got to that state


Getting kind of personal, aintcha?

Toss-up.  Gotta think about this one.

Okay.  It will take me about half an hour tomorrow to clean up the bedroom. It looks worse than it really is.  Needs a good sweep/dust/declutter, but it’s big stuff that puts away quickly and easily.

My computer? That’s another story.  First, the desktop upon which it sits. Utter frustration.  I really believe that paper reproduces overnight, and every morning I’m greeted with squalling, hungry new papers demanding to be changed, fed, and cuddled. No matter how often I spend time cleaning, recording, and filing–yup, you guessed it.  Always more. Drives me crazy. But it’s not nearly as bad as this picture shows. 

Now the computer desktop itself. Honestly, I’ve seen a lot worse.  I just spend several hours on Saturday doing some computer maintenance, and I got rid of some unimportant programs that I haven’t used in a very long time. Still need to do more. A clean sweep would be great, but I’m always afraid I’ll regret being too aggressive at eliminating stuff.  I do have all my icons arranged in alphabetical order, so I can find what I need quickly.

Can we talk about my kitchen?  Organized to the littlest detail!  My Beloved  has always teased me about having my herbs and spices alphabetically arranged, but he doesn’t seem to mind not having to dig through dozens of little boxes to find what he needs.

Right now, because of the kitchen remodel we’ve been doing, my herbs and spices are no longer neatly stored.  Beloved has promised me a spice drawer that I’ve coveted for some time. That will be great.  Someday.

I do love order and organization.  Mostly, my house is in order.

Now if I could just find some sort of population control for the paper in the study. . .


2 thoughts on “Messy, Messier, Messiest

  1. It is good to be in order but my beloved seems to have his own philosophy. He says the messy room gives him a feel of real house. A meticulously clean house looks artificial as if no humans live in that house….weird I would say, eh !

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