Charm isn’t Always Charming

History of Language

Write a piece of fiction describing the incident that gave rise to the phrase, “third time’s the charm.”

Moira had been through two “serious” relationships. Well, to her they’d been serious!  Turned out they were just flings for the guy involved, and after the second time she got her heart broken, she decided to swear off men. It wasn’t worth the pain. Really.

Time went by and she began to feel hopeful that her life wasn’t really over.  Time does help heal the wounds, but she was learning that you have to do some of the work yourself.  As she dissected those relationships in her mind, she began to see some common threads between the two. Seeing the similarities, she decided she’d never fall for charm again.  It couldn’t be trusted.  Good looks?  Nice, but not necessary.  It was character that made the difference.  She was tired of boys, and decided if there ever was a third time, he would be a man.  Grown up. Reliable, steady, and settled.

And along came Sean. Shy, quiet, nice-looking but not Mr. Universe. He was a few years older than she was, settled in a good job.  They met at work, and he would always give her a shy smile, but he made no effort to  pursue her.

Charm?  Maybe, but the not the flirty, overly confident, brash kind of charm that covered an empty shell.  His charm was in his quiet strength.

Moira tried not to care. She really was fed up with men, and not ready for another heartbreak.

And then one day they found themselves alone together in the lunch room, and it was very natural for them to share a conversation over their sandwiches. A short conversation, but still.

She found out that he had a motorcycle.

Turn-off.  No, thanks.

But he asked her if she’d like a ride sometime, and promised he wasn’t a wild kind of motorcyclist. So she said sure, and they made a date for that Saturday morning.

And they rode off together into their future, which would last for over four decades, and counting.

Charm?  You bet!  Third time’s the charm 🙂


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