Dear Me

From You to You

Write a letter to your 14-year-old self. Tomorrow, write a letter to yourself in 20 years.


Dear 14-year-old Me,

Aren’t you glad you exist only in my memory?

Fourteen was a big year for you.  First boyfriend, and you thought you’d love each other forever.  I want to tell you that it really was love.  It was 14-year-old love, not yet mature enough to last forever. And if you hadn’t moved away, who knows? 

Moving was not your choice, was it?  Oregon was so beautiful, and you loved it there.  Back to Minnesota, and you had only six weeks of your freshman year of high school left.  Being the new kid scared you, didn’t it?  Small farm town, everyone had known everyone else since kindergarten.  But–it turned out just fine, and you had a great time in high school!

Your little brother was born when  you were 14. You were so excited! A baby!  Such a surprise, including to your mom and dad!  He was the cutest baby. White-blonde, curly hair; big blue eyes.  You and Sandy took turns staying home from school for a week or two, because Mom was so sick and she needed your help.  That was back when parents could still telll the school what was what. You’d probably not be able to do that today.  It would be considered child labor or some such ridiculous thing.

John’s birth started a period of time for your mom when she was sick a lot, and especially after Sandy left for college, you became his second mom.  He even called you Mommy Lina, which makes you smile still, after all these years.  It’s hard to believe he’s in heaven already, isn’t it?  Along with your mom and dad and your nephew, John’s son.

That was a pivotal year for you, and most of it was good.  It was hard for you to accept that the boyfriend in Oregon had found another girl, but then you found a couple of other guys, so that worked out ok 🙂 It was so good to reconnect with the Looft family, and the Johnson girls.  Wonderful, memorable times down on the farm.

Change was hard for you, but in the end you didn’t regret it. Life changed, but it was ultimately for the better, not for the worse.

You were blessed.

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